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Our strengths

25 years of expertise

The validity and reliability of a nutritional therapy program depend on the developing equipe's know-how. This is the first requirement and the best guarantee of our leading technology, that grants equal effectiveness in any clinical and/or metabolic picture a nutritionist may face.

The clinical software and its applications

Our softwares were designed to provide the nutritionist with tools to treat any possible kind of patient (children, elderlies, pregnant or breastfeeding women, patients practising any kind of physical activity, in any physio-pathological state and with any allergy or food intolerance), granting simplicity and intuitiveness while constantly mantaining comprehensiveness.

A tailored program for every nutritionist

For any nutritionist, it is crucial to use a nutritional therapy program which is in tune with his/her professional, cultural and ideological identity. In developing our softwares, this issue had the highest priority: we realized a technology which sets no boundaries to the free expression of the user's professionalism.

Easily-made dietary solutions

Correct combinations of food items and the guaranteed nutritional comprehensiveness of the nutritional program ensure excellent results in terms of compliance. This is achieved thanks to our softwares, that allow the selection of many quick and easy recipes (e.g. sandwiches, salads, veggie snacks etc.) meeting the requirements of any lifestyle and the patient's needs.

Custom nutritional programs for athletes

Our softwares are recommended to create customized nutritional programs for athletes, both amateurs and professionals. Our advanced calculation systems and comprehensive databases allow to accurately calculate the energy consumption for any kind of physical activity, taking into account workout duration, weight, gender and age.

Immediate assistance and constant updates

The professionalism, kindness and readiness of our commercial and technical support departments is one of our main strengths. Moreover, Progeo softwares are constantly being updated, thanks to our assiduous research and our users' feedback.