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Progeo Publishing Group is now active. Its main goal is to publish a series of scientific publications intended to provide nutritionists with innovative content, both on paper and in digital form.

Together, Progeo and Progeo Publishing Group can generate numerous advantages, in order for you to face any future challenge in the best way possible.

MAY 2017

Progeo Publishing Group launches its first publication: “Le basi e le altezze del lavoro del nutrizionista” .

Based on his thirty-years experience, the author illustrates operational dietetics, extremely useful in day-to-day work, so that the reader may be helped in acquiring immediate familiarity with the profession’s practical features.

The result is a book which proves useful to beginners and senior professionals alike. In this text, Dr. Maurizio Marozzi presents for the first time his ground-breaking scientific discovery, the “twin method”, by devoting an entire chapter to its explanation.

He also presents the innovative treatments employed in his work, such as progressive evolution and the open Mediterranean diet. “Le basi e le altezze del lavoro del nutrizionista” is undoubtedly a cutting-edge book, rich in interesting content, aiming to make every nutritionist an expert.