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Some of our testimonials

Club Atlético De Madrid

Club Atlético De Madrid uses Nutrigeo software

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Progeo is the supplier of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore : doctor Filippo Rossi , institute of sciences of foods and nutrition, faculty of agricultural food and environmental sciences, uses our nutritional software.

Dottor Ivo Pulcini

DR. IVO PULCINI, specialist in Cardiology and Sports Medicine, Nutritional Science, Osteopath (TPPT), Medical Director of S.S. Lazio, Councilor of the Order of Doctors and Dentists in Rome and the Province, Sports Golden Star of Merit (CONI), also author of numerous books on Nutrition and Health, uses our nutrition software.

Dottor Luca La Fauci

General practitioner, DR. CARLO GARGIULO has often appeared as a regular medical expert on RAI TV shows and written several books about Nutrition.

Dottor Edgardo Ridner

Nutrition scientist, DR. LUCA LA FAUCI has appeared as a medical expert on several national TV shows. A Progeo nutritional software power user, he has also written several textbooks for food science and technology courses.

Tiberio Ancora

Personal trainer specializzato del Chelsea F.C. e Torino F.C. utilizza i nostri software