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Progeo | Nutrigeo - software per la creazione di piani alimentari innovativi

A cutting-edge nutritional therapy program, which marks a turning point in the field of nutrition science.

PROGEO created NUTRIGEO, an innovative, state-of-the-art, functional and forward- looking software for nutritional therapy that is going to be the foundation of nutritionists work for the next decade.

The software includes several important innovations: an advanced algorithm for completely revised food plans, and an EMS (Energy Management system), which allows energy intake optimization and therefore a greater therapeutic effectiveness, by addressing both metabolic issues and overweight treatment. Among the new features, there is a cutting-edge, fully detailed, flexible and intuitive electronical medical folder, which allows nutritionists to easily access data. Thanks to all of its features, NUTRIGEO allows users to set up the most appropriate nutritional strategy.

Scientific foundation

Years of scientific research were required for the development of NUTRIGEO: the software is based on influential scientific studies and international as well as national official scientific resources. Moreover, we have taken into account requests received by universities and hospitals using our technologies and carefully considered their valuable suggestions. Thanks to all this, NUTRIGEO is highly appreciated for its reliability and excellence.

Daily menu diet

NUTRIGEO makes life easier for nutritionists, by allowing them to design a daily menu diet with a few simple steps. All functions are easily accessible from the main screen where you can design a custom diet according to the patient’s needs and the nutritionist’s methodological choices, in order to achieve maximum compliance.

Progeo | Nutrigeo - Daily menu diet

Food Plan

The program allows you to design diet plans with daily menus and operate on every single day by means of windows which provide a weekly as well as a general view of the meal plan.
You can choose the quantity of both food categories as well as the individual food for each serving of every single meal. Moreover, you can save the weekly meal plans and use them later.

Progeo | Nutrigeo - Daily menu diet

Food database

NUTRIGEO has an extensive and extremely accurate food database (over 2000 entries) covering a wide range of nutritional needs. The database is constantly updated by our scientific department and made available our users.

Bromatological entries

NUTRIGEO offers over 70 bromatological entries for each food, derived from major scientific resources. Once a diet is planned, you can at any time view the assigned macro and micro values using the Focus function.
You can also view daily or daily average daily reports regarding nutrients used in the whole diet.

Modify intakes

NUTRIGEO allows you to set different energy intakes on different days of the week by taking into account patient workouts, so that you can design a diet in accordance with a specific workout plan.

Progeo | Nutrigeo - Daily menu diet

Measuring body composition and ideal weight

NUTRIGEO allows you to measure body composition and calculate the basal metabolic rate (BMR) by means of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), body fat metering, and indirect calorimetry. Furthermore, it is possible to analyze IBM according to all currently published, different formulas.

Progeo | Nutrigeo - Daily menu diet Full-body impedance analysis

Disease and basic diet

NUTRIGEO allows you to record different diseases affecting the patient (for instance: hypercholesterolemia, hypertension and so on) and activate one or more basic diet type (for instance: reduced cholesterol content, high potassium diet, and so on).
NUTRIGEO provides an extensive database of pathologies that may be relevant for the nutritional therapy and allows you to indicate the presence of one or more disease for each patient. Moreover, you can also indicate allergies and food intolerances. All this information is taken into account by the program while processing the food plan.

Special physiological states

NUTRIGEO allows you to design customized meal plans for female patients experiencing pregnancy, taking into account the month of gestation and breastfeeding, as well as during menopause.

Progeo | Nutrigeo - Dieta a menù giornaliero Gravidanza

Physical activity level

Thanks to an innovative system for calculating physical activity level, NUTRIGEO allows you to accurately indicate the multiplication factor for patient basal metabolism and determine the level of physical activity. In so doing, you can further customize diet plans.


NUTRIGEO allows you to create customized food plans for any kind of activity, whether professional or amateur, thanks to a new advanced calculation system. With an extensive database, the program calculates the energy consumption for any kind of physical activity, taking into account parameters such as workout duration, weight, age and gender. The new algorithms allow you to develop highly customized meal plans for patients working out several times a week.

Progeo | Nutrigeo - Dieta a menù giornaliero Sport

Growth curves

NUTRIGEO can process diets for patients from 3 years old onwards and graphically represent weight, height and BMI trends over time.

Progeo | Nutrigeo - Daily menu diet Growth Charts


NUTRIGEO is an extremely flexible tool: you can view the processed results, supervise daily Focuses, assign frequency and quantity for each food, insert meals and days off, reprocess or manually edit every single day.
Within the daily menu diet you can also insert meals and days off.


Thanks to the Tutor interactive system, NUTRIGEO constantly analyzes nutritionist choices and supports them with advice and suggestions that are useful for developing nutritionally correct meal plans.