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These are the innovative features which make our software stand out.


The distinctive feature of Progeo software, recognized by the whole scientific community, is its unique development, the result of our long-term research. When first approaching our methodology, you will immediately notice its strong, scientific nature, by which top-quality competence and value are guaranteed.
With careful analysis you can clearly note that our programs are not similar to others, but are a good model for newbies.


Our nutritional therapy programs are based on the Mediterranean diet.
Thanks to our method, the Mediterranean diet is not just a valuable food model but an actual therapy tool suitable for all needs.
The concept of an “integrated Mediterranean diet” is about bringing together foods and dietary solutions typically  belonging to different cultures, but having similar nutritional features. In this way the therapeutic effectiveness of the Mediterranean diet is enhanced and can be applied even in countries outside the Mediterranean zone.


Nutrigeo 8 is the only nutritional therapy program using the new Proevotech technology, which was created by the Progeo research center in collaboration with university researchers.
This technique consists in a careful and gradual management of food variety during nutritional therapy, thus becoming a further healthcare element.
The function is based on the principle that the human body reacts to different food substrates with different chemical and immune reactions.
The program helps nutritionists with diet planning, in order to obtain a food variety that is in itself therapeutic.
While planning each diet, the program carries out a comparative analysis of previous nutritional profiles, in order to ensure the best periodical variety.
With Proevotech, food variety is not intended as simple food diversification but is developed according to biological categories.
All this is made possible by a special algorithm which we have developed and improved over the years.
The degree of variation obtained is then evaluated by appropriate analysis.


When analyzing the food therapy programs available today, you can see they are divided into two types: those formulating daily meal diets and those developing multiple-choice diets.
Actually, daily menu and multiple-choice diets are two aspects of the dietary treatment: ignoring one of them would negatively influence the therapeutic potentiality.
We have simultaneously developed both techniques making them work in full synergy.
With a software that enables you to process both diet types, there are extraordinary benefits for nutritionists, who can choose, depending on the patient, to use one mode or the other, or can use them both at different therapeutic stages.
The modern interactive electronic medical record works in synergy with the two programs  and forms the basis for a professional patient follow-up.


The new MyNutrigeo app, an application for iOS and Android, allows the nutritionist to simplify their work and accompany the patients wherever they may be.

With the MyNutrigeo app you have the option of not printing the food plan, but sending it directly to the patient’s smartphone, who will always have it with them and be able to consult it at any time.

Moreover, in the case of daily menu diets, if the patient should be at a supermarket, purchasing the food items to be consumed, they can directly see the shopping list for the days they desire, in a quick and easy manner.

As well as the food plan, you can also send the patient the trend charts, which will allow them to directly view the attained results on their smartphone.


Our programs, although each developed to operate in specific areas of nutrition, interact in order to provide a single operating unit. Our aim is to give nutritionists the opportunity to act authoritatively in any of their activities, from the care of the individual patient to collective catering.
Therefore the professional can always rely on a computer partner expanding their operational potential and promoting better work planning.