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Our well-established method lies at the end of a long process which began in 1992 when PROGEO began researching and developing exclusive technologies in the field of applied nutrition. Starting with DOS programs during the early nineties to all of the following Window versions, we finally arrived at NUTRIGEO 8, an outstanding product acknowledged worldwide.

Our development goal is to create programs serving as a tool for optimizing the nutritionist’s work in every aspect of their profession.


NUTRIGEO 8 for nutritional therapy is a suite made up of three different programs with three main purposes, as explained below:

  • Daily menu diet is a highly specialized software, which marks a significant evolution in the nutrition software field, by combining the latest scientific achievements with new and exclusive IT technologies. Rich in smart, original and innovative solutions, our software is based on a platform which allows you to design scientifically-accurate meal plans for any pathophysiological condition while optimizing patient compliance.
  • Multiple-choice diet is a software based on personalized nutritional choices so that the patient to choose from a variety of food groups that are equivalent from a nutritional standpoint. The program works by creating a careful selection of food to be included in the meal plan, defining food frequency and food intake. Therewith, our advanced calculation system ensures full compliance with the nutritional intakes established by the user.
  • Electronic Medical Record is an interactive storage module for all the relevant data that you may want to access during a nutritional treatment.
  • The new MyNutrigeo app, an application for iOS and Android, allows the nutritionist to simplify their work and accompany the patients wherever they may be. With the MyNutrigeo app you have the option of not printing the food plan, but sending it directly to the patient’s smartphone, who will always have it with them and be able to consult it at any time. Moreover, in the case of daily menu diets, if the patient should be at a supermarket, purchasing the food items to be consumed, they can directly see the shopping list for the days they desire, in a quick and easy manner. As well as the food plan, you can also send the patient the trend charts, which will allow them to directly view the attained results on their smartphone.

The three programs operate in synergy, constantly interacting and exchanging data, so  that all patient information is always easily accessible. This IT organization raises the quality standard of the nutritionist’s work, guarantees an optimal follow-up of the patient and is considerably time-saving when it comes to calculating diet plans.

Pharma Food Pro is a software designed to manage drugs and food interaction in a new way. Users can be made aware of all foods whose consumption is not recommended in conjunction with certain pharmacological active ingredients.