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Since 1992 PROGEO has been carrying out research in applied software development for nutritional science. Our outstanding results are due to the quality of our products and a corporate strategy whose driving force is innovation
The advanced technologies developed by our team has made us redefine the role of information technology in nutrition science, and helped PROGEO become a leading healthcare company.

We can definitely claim to be a reference point for nutritionists and for any specialist who is fully aware of the importance of nutrition for human physical and mental wellness. PROGEO knows how to meet the needs of clinical nutrition experts with proven, effective technologies. Our work is based on the contributions of international accredited scientific organizations and today our technologies are used in Italy as well as abroad by thousands of nutritionists in university hospitals, private clinics, hospitals specialized in metabolic diseases and obesity, private practices, centers for sports medicine and aesthetic medicine.

We have also established a genuine and stable scientific collaboration with all of our customers, who by referring issues encountered during their daily practice help us develop technologies that are increasingly consistent with the needs of the scientific community.

PROGEO MEDICAL | Da 30 anni sviluppiamo software per elaborare diete personalizzate ed efficaci: gli strumenti di lavoro ideali per gli specialisti della Nutrizione.