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Progeo is pleased to announce the release of the New Professional Program for Antropometric Evaluation

Progeo | BodyGeo - software per valutazioni antropometriche

The innovative software FOR ANTROPOMETRIC EVALUATION, which marks a turning point in this important sector.
BodyGeo is an innovative program especially designed for a nutritionist who loves to be at the forefront.

It is a modern program that, thanks to simple and flexible solutions, is able to respond to the best of all its needs and allows through the recording of parameters like skinfolds and anthropometric measurements to highlight the body typology of the client, EITHER PROFESSIONAL OR NOT.

BodyGeo ensures a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the customer’s physical condition.

We thank all those who collaborate with Atlético de Madrid, with Juventus, with the Italian National team, with Chelsea, and many others in every sports sector that have already chosen BodyGeo.